LGTM, thanks for the fix!

BZ#2019970 Bluetooth mouse (Logitech) takes ~30 seconds to start working after boot or resume

Causes a couple of strange regressions:

Firefox on Wayland: Clicking on url bar, backspacing over part of it then pasting (e.g. a url parameter) freezes firefox, requires kill to exit. Slack flatpak: Unresponsive to quitting via ctrl-Q, requires kill or flatpak kill

Both of these issues consistently disappear after distro-sync back to 3.38.5-1.


Had to distro-sync back, same problem as FEDORA-2021-99f48ecd5d

Getting GNOME Software crashes here too. abrt won't complete the report, claims not enough info in stacktrace/coredump.

BZ#1941337 anacron does not run if battery-backed HID devices are connected

No regressions on ThinkPad T14 (AMD Ryzen 7 PRO 4750U) under GNOME/Wayland.

No regressions, BT mouse works correctly again.

BZ#1897038 bluetooth mouse loses pairing after reboot or suspend

BT mouse issue is that pairing is lost on every suspend/resume or reboot. Tracked at rhbz 1897038.

Bluetooth mouse (Logitech MX Anywhere 2S) stopped working. Booting into any of the previous 5.8.x series kernels lets it work again.


Works, but I see that firefox-82.0.3-2.fc32 has already built so I assume this is getting obsoleted?

ThinkPad T495 (Ryzen 3700U), GNOME on Wayland, no regressions.


No regressions; ThinkPad T495, Ryzen 3700U, GNOME on Wayland.


Works for me (using firefox extension)

82 isn't supposed to be out until the 20th, is this beta?


No regressions, ThinkPad T495 Ryzen 3700U, GNOME/Wayland session.


Fixes #1886243 (dupe of #1886643)

BZ#1886643 Mouse clicks don't always work on Firefox tabs/toolbars

Tab right-click menu is not functional (nothing happens on right click) in 81.0.1-5.fc32. Distro-sync back to 81.0.1-4.fc32 restores it.

No regressions, ThinkPad T495, Ryzen Pro 3700U, GNOME on Wayland.