works for me, client and server.

Notifications seem to have reverted, using Thunderbird's own instead of going through the notify framework.

Looks like it needs a dependency version bump on libreport? Installing the updated one from updates-testing fixed this.


gnome-abrt crashes on start: ImportError: /lib64/ undefined symbol: create_dump_dir_from_problem_data_ext


@bojan: Forgot about /etc/systemd/sleep.conf :shame: systemd was defaulting back to platform. Setting HibernateMode=shutdown there I have full hibernate again. If this persists in -201 or .2 I'll open a bug.

@bojan no change, sspend light keeps blinking, fan spins up a bit and I have to long-press the power button. On resume /sys/power/disk is back on platform. BTW also on 1-200, 1-201 hasn't popped up on yum yet.


Hibernation partly broke: State written to disk, but fails to power down. Resumes OK. Thinkpad X200s.