(Oof, commented on the wrong build - reposting here)

  • Fixes #1785957
  • Fixes a suspend/resume problem on ThinkPad T495 (Ryzen): Under the 5.3 series I'd have to echo 1 > /sys/bus/pci/devices/0000\:07\:00.4/remove before suspending. Without that, the system would fail to suspend and graphics would be corrupted, requiring a reboot. No idea how that device (07:00.4 USB controller: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD] Raven USB 3.1) ended up causing graphics corruption, but the effect was consistent and its fix under this build is consistent too.

Sorry, forgot to add: also fixes a severe suspend/resume issue on this laptop (failed to suspend, graphics corruption) without the need to echo 1 > /sys/bus/pci/devices/0000\:07\:00.4/remove (07:00.4 USB controller: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD] Raven USB 3.1) any more.

No apparent regression here, #1785957 seems fixed. ThinkPad T495, Secure Boot enabled.

Just a question on builds reaching testing: 5.4.5-301 never reached testing, also I notice that there's a completed 5.4.6-200 build in koji. I assume it's 5.4.6 that will actually make it to testing?

#1785957 too, unfortunately.

Although, 5.4.5-300 did seem to fix a nasty suspend/resume bug that seems related to Ryzen USB hub power management (which itself can be hacked around by dropping the device from the PCI tree before suspending, rescanning after resume).

BTW is 5.4.5-301 still on track for testing?

no regressions, enigmail works too.


No regressions from previous versions on a T495 (AMD Ryzen 7 PRO 3700U). I've even suspend/resumed once, although I expect that to still be a roll of the dice, but that's not a new issue.


No regressions on a Thinkpad X250

TL;DR question: previous build for the same version made new kernel unbootable, is this a known issue/fixed now?

I notice that this obsoleted FEDORA-2019-cadb2ea4bf. I accidentally had that earlier one installed, together with a kernel update, in the same dnf update --enablerepo=updates-testing --security transaction. The new kernel version was unbootable (missing modules it seems).

I booted into an older kernel, noticed that new kernel wasn't really fully installed (one of the kernel-* packages was not listing as installed for that version, forget which).distro-synced grub back to 2.02-84, deleted the (partially installed) new kernel, rebooted again, installed the new kernel, and this time all looks normal, new kernel version is bootable.


no regressions here; using with firefox extension

BZ#1771195 keepassxc-2.5.1 is available

Updated, no issues.

BZ#1752435 enigmail version 2.1 needs to be packaged to work with thunderbird 68

Works for me, no regressions, Enigmail works again with TB 68.

BZ#1752435 enigmail version 2.1 needs to be packaged to work with thunderbird 68

No regressions, Thinkpad X250.

LGTM on a Thinkpad X250, GNOME on Wayland

BZ#1738614 On latest kernel mouse dies out of application windows

No regressions on a Thinkpad X250

Thinkpad X250, no regressions


1697566 seems fixed here, many repeated flatpak updates an no segfault. Also gnome-software hasn't crashed.

BZ#1697566 [abrt] flatpak: multi_socket(): flatpak killed by SIGSEGV

No regressions, Thinkpad X250

No regressions on a Thinkpad X250