Thank you for continuing to maintain the package! Your builds so far have been top notch and this persuaded me to switch to Chromium partly (earlier a full fledged Firefox user, from way back when I was using Windows). It is indeed a real shame that Google has <sha> let us all down so much! Considering how much they use Linux: Linux apps are the closest to an actual ecosystem on ChromiumOS, they regularly let their open source projects AOSP and Chromium (OS)) wither away..

As I have also posted on arnoldthebat's update (, and as echoed in this (, is it potentially possible for us to use our own form of syncing for Chromium browsers alone? There are a lot of open source devs who maintain the browser, and in arnold's case, the OS, and easily 3x as many users who need it to get away from the bad tech giant. Maybe such an API should help us get away for good.. (I personally can help test this on a phone and my laptop, on atleast 3 distributions and Android, and if I could, would love to help with the code as well (I went into the medical field #( ), and I do think all of us can band together for a while to get Chromium back to where it was)