Works as expected and solves both BZs down here.

BZ#2075742 ocrmypdf-13.4.4 is available
BZ#2086464 python3-pdfminer conflicts on update

I did not test everything, but so far it "Works for me". :)

BZ#2024527 dnf breaks updateprocess with "already downloaded"
Test Case base update cli

Yep. Works for me.

BZ#2025714 SELinux is preventing qemu-system-x86 from 'map' accesses on the anon_inode anon_inode.

Many problems with this version. 1) Barrage of AVCs during intall 2) Numerous AVCs during 'fixfiles restore' 3) Various errors from 'fixfiles restore' 4) AVC galore on standard components that shuond produce AVCs

I'm opening a few reports on the above.

BZ#2025714 SELinux is preventing qemu-system-x86 from 'map' accesses on the anon_inode anon_inode.
BZ#2029039 selinux warning on ntfs3 driver
BZ#2051634 SELinux is preventing restorecon from 'associate' accesses on the Dateisystem stratis.

it Works and solves BZ#2041168

BZ#2041168 There is no component named 'selinux-policy-targeted-35.8-1.fc35.noarch' in the 'Fedora' product.
BZ#2024489 SELinux is preventing (o-bridge) from 'ioctl' accesses on the unix_stream_socket unix_stream_socket.

Works for me

Works for me. Even the 404 error is gone.

BZ#2011550 dnf-plugins-core uses distro.linux_distribution(), deprecated in distro 1.6.0

Seems ok for me too. But I got a bunch of selinux denies installing it... Will investigate the selinux side.

BZ#1997315 abrt-dbus segmentation faulted in abrt_p2_service_dbus when shutting down, rebooting, or logging out of Plasma

Works for me.

Works for me.

BZ#1996903 SELinux is preventing ModemManager from create access on the qipcrtr_socket labeled modemmanager_t.

Works for me.

BZ#1998535 Cannot create desktop items
BZ#2000353 mate-desktop-item-edit killed by SIGABRT

Works for me.

BZ#1977368 remmina-1.4.20 is available
BZ#1971048 mate workspace selector now has the wrong aspect ratio (not consistent with the display)

Works for me

BZ#1956059 [SPEC] rpm -V failures

Works for me

BZ#1907806 Lost audio after a logout when using pipewire-pulseaudio
BZ#1941366 NO sound on subwoofer after update from f32 to f34
BZ#1946611 pipewire-0.3.27 is available
BZ#1947204 After upgrade pipewire from 0.3.24-4.fc35 to 0.3.25-1.fc35 version headset HyperX Cloud Orbit S become silent after each reboot and changing volume level
BZ#1954504 No sound after logout/login with own userid
BZ#1954517 Sound cards disappear after logout and login to the same user
BZ#1954542 PipeWire 0.3.26 crashes after restarting the session very fast
BZ#1957177 No pipewire audio in mate after re-login
BZ#1957202 No audio devices after second login

Works for me

BZ#1944694 SELinux is preventing gdm from 'getattr' accesses on the file /run/gdm/custom.conf.
BZ#1954621 SELinux is preventing freshclam from 'getattr' accesses on the filesystem /sys/fs/cgroup.
BZ#1891182 SELinux is preventing systemd-machine from 'remove_name' accesses on the directory io.systemd.Machine.
BZ#1921218 SELinux prevents keepalived from running with --namespace option
BZ#1928572 SELinux is preventing rngd from 'getattr' accesses on the filesystem /sys.
BZ#1928611 SELinux is preventing pcscd from 'getattr' accesses on the filesystem /sys.
BZ#1930992 SELinux is preventing usbmuxd from 'getattr' accesses on the filesystem /sys.
BZ#1933322 SELinux is preventing NetworkManager from 'unlink' accesses on the file resolv.conf.

For the moment, it seems to be working well.

BZ#1797250 Guacamole version 1.1.0 is available