BZ#1964138 paperwork-2.0.3 is available


BZ#1968155 python-unipath: Request for EPEL build

Works! Install via: dnf install trash-cli --enablerepo=epel-testing

BZ#1968104 trash-cli: Request for EPEL build

It's time to upgrade to F33 / F34, guys and girls ;) (Won't hurt, I promise :D)

Fixes the NM issue as advertised, thanks!

@bojan: Consider filing a bug report about those other denials or add a link to it if you already did that. It's quite easy with the selinux GUI.

BZ#1934725 SELinux is preventing NetworkManager from 'watch' accesses on the directory /etc/NetworkManager/VPN every few seconds.

Off topic: Works on F32 via sudo dnf install

Not the preferred way of installation, I know, but thanks for packaging! Update for F33 could be considered but I'll upgrade to F34 quite soon anyway.

NautilusPreviewer: Press space on any file in Nautilus and you should find it. (Not sure if that works correctly in flatpaks, just tested it on the regular RPM installation.)

Thank you for testing!! :)

That's fine, I tested the code on Fedora and I'm quite sure it will work. I'll give it a try once this updates is stable and the qpdf maintainers resume updates.

Note: For some reason the upgrade command with advisory did not update anything, but sudo dnf update blender --enablerepo=updates-testing did the trick. Not sure why that is, but maybe it helps someone with the same issue.


Fixes ABI break by openvdb, thanks!

BZ#1933279 Blender breaks last update of openvdb-libs

Fixes ABI break by openvdb, thanks!

BZ#1933140 prusa-slicer breaks openvdb upgrade on F32

Also broke updates for me. Could you coordinate ABI changes with depended packages in the future? Thanks!

BZ#1868830 openvdb-8.0.1 is available

Giving negative karma to disable auto push. Detailed information in this update's bug.


pikepdf < 2.7.0 has incompatibilities with this version, rendering pdfarranger useless. Please wait until pikepdf >= 2.7.0 is available.

BZ#1932052 qpdf-10.2.0 is available

Works and fixes the URL open bug, thank you!

I tested with both, keepass and the reproducer from Github. The latter fails when you don't pay attention and accidentally run it with wine instead of mono, but I'll just assume that this never worked or should't work at all.

BZ#1839410 URLs don't open: Cannot find the specified file

Thank you for testing! I changed "Seiten zuschneiden" back to "Seiten teilen", that was a mistake.

Works for me, thank you!

BZ#1923250 Request for Epel build

Add weak dependency to img2pdf to make new image import function usable by default.