Fixes the chrony bug and tests pass in the Fedora CoreOS pipeline now

BZ#1825686 Update to newer release (current latest is 3.8.3)

latest podman 2.1.1-10. works in FCOS pipeline tests

Seems to be working here.


This has been running well for me in the Fedora CoreOS testing I've been doing.


Works for me and passes tests in Fedora CoreOS pipeline.

very basic tests seem to work.

This zincati package is missing from f33 right now. Can I get a few artificial thumbs up here so we can get it into f33 faster?

Seems to work! No more bootloop.


This passes Fedora CoreOS CI tests.


passed automated CI tests for Fedora CoreOS

this update passes tests in the FCOS build pipeline

@zpytela - when I updated to selinux-policy-3.14.4-52 it relabeled all filesystems and my system wouldn't boot in enforcing mode. I tried to fix things but never could. Once I tried out this update (in updates-testing) things seemed to be better. I'm not sure exactly what the issue was, but that's just what my experience was.

The previous update left my system in a non-bootable state. This one seems to fix it for me. Not sure if it will fix it for everyone or not.

seems to be working for me

working for me and is the piece doing installs for the latest Fedora CoreOS testing release

@mohanboddu waived the test for us. Thanks mohan