Seems to be working fine.

BZ#1671064 Review Request: libldac - LDAC library from AOSP

Works fine, tested on an XPS 13 (9360).

Fixing the main issue. Unfortunately with this update I'm again facing this issue: But I'm not giving a negative karma because I was already running a patched mutter to fix the issue and TB16 dock has been a bumpy ride from the beginning of my F28 journey.

Solves the issues I had with 3.27.92.

I have to second the previous feedback, SELinux still blocks various services from accessing /etc/ file. It's so severe that that troubleshooting tool uses a lot of CPU resources and makes the fan go on.


It works for me, I managed to update BIOS on XPS 13 (9360).

BZ#1495137 XPS13 9360: efi boot entry not created to actually perform the BIOS update
BZ#1506609 Fails to update XPS13 firmware

Works for me.

Test Case firefox browse
Test Case firefox media
Test Case firefox addons

The update somehow fixes the issue of cups not running, but it still fails to start at boot which causes that cups-browsed fails to start and it doesn't work until you manually start it.

BZ#1437065 CUPS does not recognize changes to /etc/resolv.conf until CUPS restart

The build has fixed the issue with running on an older kernel for me.

BZ#1427255 PHP doesn't fallback to urandom when getrandom is not available

The new version of PhotoQt which is using this module works well with this update.


works for me

Works for me.


Solves the bug and everything works well.

BZ#1316010 Mouse pointer is invisible over gnome-shell overview and top bar

Works for me without any hiccups.


The new version works for me as expected.

It's better than before the update, but I just found out that the corruption still persists in Firefox.

It also fixes the corruption for me.