@nucleo: I hadn't seen the error message because it only happens with legacy proxies, and I mostly uses RFC proxies (unless I explicitly test compatibility with something else). xrootd-4.6.0-4 should address your issue. Also reported upstream:

Thank you for your detailed logs. I can see that on your system you do not have the CRLs installed. An absent CRL should mean "do not check" the CRL, and hence not be a source of an error. If I move the CRLs out of the way on my system I can reproduce the problem.

Looking at the code it looks like the 4.6.0 CRL checking code treats an absent CRL the same as an expired CRL and triggers error, which is a bug.

I have reported this upstream:

I can not reproduce this:

$ rpm -q xrootd-client
$ xrdcp -f -d1 root:// /dev/null
[16MB/492.2MB][  3%][=>                                                ][2MB/s] 
[80MB/492.2MB][ 16%][========>                                         ][6.667MB
. . .

Can you provide more information?

See above...

BZ#1309785 Missing texlive components: mathdesign.sty texnansi.sty vmargin.sty

texlive-mathdesign is installable now, and the package I maintain that build-requires it (for doc generation) now builds without errors in EPEL 7 with this update installed.

However, I had expected all the tex( provides to be versioned like they are in the Fedora package. Now two are and one is not...

rpm -q --provides texlive-ly1 | grep texnansi
tex(texnansi.sty) = 2012
tex(texnansi.tex) = 2012

(The previous comment about duplicated packages i correct so I only add +1 for the mathdesign bug, but not for the full update.)

BZ#1309785 Missing texlive components: mathdesign.sty texnansi.sty vmargin.sty

Update installable

BZ#1403662 Ceph update not installable

Fixes bz #1406376

BZ#1406376 arm-koji fails authentication

Works now:

Unfortunately it does not work:

$ rpm -q redhat-rpm-config epel-rpm-macros
$ rpm -E %_pkgdocdir

If I rename macros-zzz-epel-override to macros.zzz-epel-override it works though:

$ su -
Senaste inloggning: fre  9 dec 2016 13.14.22 CET på pts/0
# mv /etc/rpm/macros-zzz-epel-override /etc/rpm/macros.zzz-epel-override 
# exit
$ rpm -E %_pkgdocdir

This update fixes the broken dmlite dependency.


I don't have access to an EPEL 7 AArch64 system other than the koji builders, so in order to really test this I would need a buildroot override.

However, the Requires for the gfal2-2.12.2-2.el7.1.aarch64.rpm is now correctly given as according to the koji web interface, which is the correct version.

Also the x86_64 version that I can do some local testing with works correctly as a build dependency in a local EPEL 7 mock build.

Hi @ksmith0

The issues you report are not new problems introduced with this update. They are therefore not reasons not to push this update to stable and, consequently, not reasons to give a negative karma vote. The karma system is intended to catch regressions introduced by pending updates. Bugs and issues in already stable versions of packages in Fedora and EPEL should instead be reported in bugzilla.

Since the issues are not introduced by this update I will now push it to stable.

That said, some of the issued you report will be addressed in the next update. The root packages are intended to be modular so that users can install the pieces they need without dragging in dependencies of pieces they don't use. Adding the libraries listed by "root-config --libs" as dependencies to root-core would violate this idea. However, given that most of these packages are already dragged in as dependencies of the root-graf-asimage package which already is a dependency of root-core (only root-physics and root-multicore are not, and neither of them brings along additional dependencies), adding these is a reasonable compromise between modularity and usability.

The missing scriptlets calling ldconfig in root-multicore will also be addressed.

Regarding the problem with the missing headers I can not reproduce it. It really should not be possible to install root without the headers because:

  • root depends on root-core
  • root-core depends on root-cling
  • root-cling depends on gcc-c++
  • gcc-c++ depends on libstdc++-devel
  • libstdc++-devel contains the new, string and iostream headers

Mock EPEL builds work again.