This update now has the same fix to Bug1342158 as FEDORA-2016-db48cd10e9 which just went to stable.

Except for the release number nss-3.24.0-1.1.fc22 matches nss-3.24.0-1.2.fc23 where the fix was introduced.

We now have an upstream fix for backported to fedora for nss-util-3.24.0-1.0.fc24

Correction: I should have typed FEDORA-2016-35d0828943

See FEDORA-2016-71d6f90d9b

This is to ensure the n-v-r are increasing and you can upgrade your f23 to f24 when it comes out.

F21 is EOF, this update is obsolete.

Correction: It's nss-softokn-3.21.0-1.1.fc22 that's not showing up for me replace the current nss-softokn build with it.

This update has been unpushed.

Contrary to what's reported above, nss-3.21.0-1.0.fc22 doesn't actually show up an. Problems such as this have been reported and release engineering folks working on it. Please hold back on giving positive Karma for a few days until such problems are solved.

The Requires and BuildRequires: are incorrect as they refer to older versions which caused update problems in f23 see Bringing in new nss-softokn and nss builds.