yeah seems to work...

a bit unsure about this one - it hung for me after a bit of copy/pasting from one old drawing to another... ...hard to tell if related to new version or not, i might come back on the issue


seems to work - ihave edited a few photos without any issues so far...


after some light use i'd say it seem to work


seem to work with some light basic editing of a picture


after some light usage i would say that it seems to work


seems to work

BZ#1886243 firefox-wayland: Right click on tab is unresponsive
Test Case firefox browse
Test Case firefox media

seem to work for me apart from the lcms2-devel issue mentioned above...


works for me


light testing: works

BZ#1880878 gpxsee-7.32 is available

seems to work now also with swedish tv.... thanks!

BZ#1876181 youtube-dl-2020.09.06 is available
BZ#1878533 youtube-dl-2020.09.14 is available

after some light testing - seems to work the bugs mentioned below have not been seen in this release either (but were as far as i know already solved for F32...

BZ#1821183 qcad hangs and eventually crashes
BZ#1830487 Crash QCAD at startup

have tested writer & calc - seems to work just fine

seems to work during light testing

seems to work wiith swedish television at least...

BZ#1847186 youtube-dl-2020.06.16.1 is available

testing with my existing profile it seems to work, and the change isthere after the upgrade. thanks!

(caveat iit might be that gnome remembers my lasst setting of which program to open with but i guess that it should at least work in theory now...)

BZ#1849265 not able to open .dxf-file with qcad from Nautilus

light testing oc calc & writer indicates that this works reasonably well i do not know what to test in order to try to trigger #1820868 looks nice in general

seems to work fine after som light testing in different applications....


seems to work, thanks!

BZ#1803961 missing toolbar icons in qcad

seems to wark at a first glance with updated gimp