Agree with yanqiyu, it would be good to coordinate better with dependent packages to avoid breakages.

Maintainer of cpu-x has released a build addressing the unannounced soname bump. FEDORA-2020-c7d0de1e03

Please ignore the comment about the scale limit, as the correct unit notation (which I did not find mentioned in the help or man page) is b, k, m, or g, defaulting to b if no unit is provided.

However when specifying iftop -m 10g the logarithmic scale displays up to 1 Gps but not 10 Gbps, while the linear scale does show 10 Gbps.

I am seeing some issues with the scale.

With some moderate use (eg. 15 Mbps) the scale jumps to 100 Mbps. In at least one case, the logarithmic scale jumped to 1 Gbps, while the linear scale set itself to ~10 Gbps.

The device does not even have a 10 Gbps network device. However I have not figured out how to reproduce the 10 Gbps scale.

I tried iftop -m 10MB and iftop -m 1MB to test limiting the scale, but it seemed not to work, resulting in 1Gbps upper limits in both cases.