Just installed 6.0.18 this morning, was running 6.015 before. Cifs automounts work for smb version 2.1, but fail for smb 1.0. after a long timeout. No kernel panics.

Works. Fixes BZ#1954884 for me. Didn't check the other BZs.

BZ#1954884 xscreensaver displays three dots for every char

cleaned up system-xdg-autostart dmesg message, no side effects after about 36 hours

BZ#1890632 systemd-xdg-autostart spewing into dmes log

Seems to have left my 10-libvnc.conf alone. Thanks.

BZ#1880131 tigervnc-server-module overrides my /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/10-libvnc.conf

Online actions through OFX works again for my banks.

BZ#1830609 aqbanking crashes gnucash
BZ#1787739 spamassassin update ends up with configuration files from a wrong version

man page now installs

BZ#1768223 fvwm-2.6.9-1.fc32.src.rpm fails to build fvwm.1 man page

works now

BZ#1745794 glhanoi core dumps

This update requires qtiocompressor > 2.3.1-17, and that is only available on updates-testing, Shouldn't have been pushed to stable till that one is stable

Works for me now.

BZ#1639901 clementine 1.3.1-28 core dumps on start

This (1.3.1-28) core dumps for me. Previous version ( works fine.

BZ#1517748 Clementine doesn't work on Fedora 27, 28

Works for me

BZ#1514506 -D variable expansion broken on 1:5.1.3-4.fc27
BZ#1409103 autofs cannot mount samba/cifs shares that end with a dollar sign

Verified that fixes bz#409103 and bz#1514506 (which is not listed below). Seems to "generally function"

BZ#1409103 autofs cannot mount samba/cifs shares that end with a dollar sign

Printing and reading /etc/xpdfrc works

BZ#1517557 No printing from xpdf
BZ#1511146 xpdf does not read /etc/xpdfrc

Installs fine now. Seems to be running as before.

Seems I had a dnf screwup and ended up with the wrong version. Reinstalled and seems to be fine

BZ#1317620 sshd log format changed, lots of excess unmatched output showing up in logwatch
BZ#1279936 Redundant argument in sprintf (postfix)

Doesn't seem to work. ldd shows two dependencies on, one not found.

BZ#1260233 openchange-client: cannot open shared object file