Works work me. 64 + I7 4770K. Thanks

Ok my answer is in the releasenote : 20180108 Release

-- Updates upon 20171117 release -- IVT C0 (06-3e-04:ed) 428->42a SKL-U/Y D0 (06-4e-03:c0) ba->c2 BDW-U/Y E/F (06-3d-04:c0) 25->28 HSW-ULT Cx/Dx (06-45-01:72) 20->21 Crystalwell Cx (06-46-01:32) 17->18 BDW-H E/G (06-47-01:22) 17->1b HSX-EX E0 (06-3f-04:80) 0f->10 SKL-H/S R0 (06-5e-03:36) ba->c2 HSW Cx/Dx (06-3c-03:32) 22->23 HSX C0 (06-3f-02:6f) 3a->3b BDX-DE V0/V1 (06-56-02:10) 0f->14 BDX-DE V2 (06-56-03:10) 700000d->7000011 KBL-U/Y H0 (06-8e-09:c0) 62->80 KBL Y0 / CFL D0 (06-8e-0a:c0) 70->80 KBL-H/S B0 (06-9e-09:2a) 5e->80 CFL U0 (06-9e-0a:22) 70->80 CFL B0 (06-9e-0b:02) 72->80 SKX H0 (06-55-04:b7) 2000035->200003c GLK B0 (06-7a-01:01) 1e->22

@alsadi jforbes have the one from november like me. But that should be what he explained. Intel worked on the patch before.

But don't know why some have :

microcode updated early to revision 0x23, date = 2017-11-20 and others : microcode: microcode updated early to revision 0x80, date = 2018-01-04

Perhaps CPU model ?

Script output... (it's good i think) Mitigation 1 Hardware (CPU microcode) support for mitigation: YES

microcode updated early to revision 0x23, date = 2017-11-20

I think it's a bad version of the microcode. How a microcode from november can patch spectre ?

The last version is this one : Date: 1/8/2018

Test Case microcode update

Ok, Works


As previous comments (UEFI keys , Qxl) , -1 for the last items.