@dsommers thanks for the extensive explanation! :)

@dsommers, I updated to -2 and everything seems fine, not sure how you fixed things, but my fix consisted of adding an extra entry to the tmpfiles file, that worked too :)

@dsommers, it seems /var/run/openvpn does not exist anymore after reboot, only /var/run/openvpn-{client,server}. That's the issue you are talking about? I'm looking to move to the server one soon though!


I tested this on my managed VPN service running on CentOS 7 (update from 2.3.x to 2.4.1), it works like a charm I must say! Great the old (systemd) service file is still there. Will report back here if there are any issues...

BZ#1435036 openvpn-2.4.1 is available

(it does break existing .php_cs files, but easy to fix)


tested it with Phan installed through composer and works!

BZ#1398355 Review Request: php-ast - Abstract Syntax Tree

just tested it on F25, works fine!

BZ#1391951 Review Request: php-cs-fixer - A tool to automatically fix PHP code style

works fine for me on a few VPN servers.

BZ#1391481 openvpn-2.3.13 is available

works fine for building zerotier-one on CentOS7/EPEL.