works fine here

BZ#1406277 borgbackup 1.0.9 is available (includes security fixes)

works as expected

Test Case firefox media
Test Case firefox browse

I'm seeing very little negative karma on the new update ansible- . If you experienced problems with the ansible 2.0 upgrade please test the updated package and provide feedback!

The test suite for borgbackup 1.0 still passes after building borgbackup with this Cython package.

BZ#1297977 Review Request: python3-Cython - A language for writing Python 3 extension modules

Both background services are not restarted. I'm not sure if upstream provides a clean way to restart them.

Btw: The warning started to appear only since Gnome 3.18 so it's more a sign of "recently deprecated" coding patterns rather than "bad coding style".


saw a lot of problems (with i915) using 3.18.2-200.fc21 but this one seems to work pretty well.


similar problem as moggers87: my old intel laptop (gm965) already locked up twice.

works fine for me (tested: Python API, working with transactions in the gui)

didn't see problems with OpenGL apps+Gnome shell on r600

This update completely breaks virtualenv on RHEL5 because it requires Python 2.5+! See bug 969395

This update has been submitted for testing.

This update has been submitted for stable

This update has been submitted for testing