Oh got it.

From the package description (Macros and scripts for building kernel module packages) I thought it was only useful for people building kernel modules.

Thanks for the digging @adamwill. Hopefully there aren't any other package that redefines those macros.

In the meantime, shouldn't this issue be raised to the maintainers of redhat-rpm-config? Overriding existing macros sounds dangerous from an outsider perspective :p

@ngompa indeed, this is weird, it looks like the -gnu suffix is added with the macro expansion.

I have no idea where to look and I know next to nothing to RPM packaging :/ Just in case here's the rpm version that is currently installed (clean F33 beta install, with frequent dnf update)

$ rpm -qf `which rpm`

Let me know if I can provide more input.

This change seems to break my F33 beta installation.

$ cat /usr/bin/pkg-config

# Multilib safe wrapper for pkg-config to call correct platform-specific version of pkg-config

TARGET_PLATFORM=$(rpm --eval '%{_target_platform}')

exec "/usr/bin/${TARGET_PLATFORM}-pkg-config" "$@"

$ rpm --eval "%{_host}"
$ rpm --eval '%{_target_platform}'
$ ls /usr/bin/*-pkg-config

The missing gnu part result in the following error:

~~~ $ pkg-config --cflags --libs openssl /usr/bin/pkg-config: line 7: /usr/bin/x86_64-redhat-linux-pkg-config: No such file or directory ~~

From what I could gather, this commit seems to be the source of the change.

I'm pretty new to Fedora and reporting bugs to a distro. Is here the right place to report? Have I missed something?