works! ship it!

BZ#1441095 CVE-2017-7616 CVE-2017-7618 kernel: various flaws [fedora-all]
BZ#1441088 CVE-2017-7616 kernel: Incorrect error handling in the set_mempolicy and mbind compat syscalls in mm/mempolicy.c

@hreindl this is probably the wrong forum for this discussion; however fedora tried to keep on top of CVE's - almost every single kernel releases addresses at least half a dozen CVE's. Regarding your reboot issue, you should consider looking into live patching, i.e., kpatch.

@hreindl keeping ahead of CVE's is good !

BZ#1437469 CVE-2017-7184 kernel: Out-of-bounds heap access in xfrm [fedora-all]
BZ#1435153 CVE-2017-7184 kernel: Out-of-bounds heap access in xfrm

works well ! @airlied also closes bug 1381109

BZ#1425598 Bump clang to 3.9.1

Things generally work now for me at last.

@nanoyme Its not "political" and it is a policy violation, the Fedora policy is clear. Disruptive changes like this are for release milestones, its funny how the definitions change when a RH eng is making the change.

I didn't suggest airlied wasn't doing excellent work, in fact I made no mention of - what so ever - so you are making it political so don't!

@kparal I am not "block useful updates for Nvidia users just in spite" I am blocking it because its a Fedora policy violation and it created breakage. Its a highly disruptive change to make mid-release.

I'm sorry but I am sick of this treating Nvidia like a first class citizen and shoving AMD by the wast side. Over the last 6 months all I heard is excuses of how LLVM versions can't be bumped mid release and other excuses. A large number of Radeon users have suffered because of this lack of tracking upstream versions more vigorously but when it comes to Nvidia RH is running around saying `yes sir yes sir'..

When it comes to a corporate agreement between RH and Nvidia these sweeping changes that break things for the community are pushed though hard and fast.

This update breaks many things for me locally as well as things like sway and seems to break many thing for other users. Why so much pressure to push this though before a next release, why not listen to your users that are clearly stating NO! Why tell users that only a small number use sway and therefore you don't care.

I fully expect the issue(s) will be fixed promptly enough but not until many users suffer from the fallout and the damage has been done because of this clearly disruptive change that should be been as a release milestone. This is utter crap and I expect better from the Fedora project.



BZ#1413888 radeonsi GL_ARB_tessellation_shader regressed to broken


Fair enough, however I think getting #1381109 resolved is more of a issue than perhaps is understood.

There is a very large ecosystem growing around this Valve Steam Linux gaming thing in general. The older LLVM API blocks having a great many of those applications working out the box on Fedora. It seems highly prudent to me to not ignore that segment of the community, in fact some of those vendors (e.g., Feral Interactive) appear to be vigorously reaching out to distributions to get things updated ASAP. This doesn't just apply to games, there are other graphics intensive applications that would suddenly become accessible also.


Additionally 3.8.1 breaks pocl

@bojan did linux-firmware get updated and mess up for you?