BZ#2007807 tzdata-2021b is available

This update reportedly breaks Steam, see bug #2005142.

BZ#1661510 glibc: Adjust to rpm's changes, to keep stripping binaries [Fedora]
BZ#1886295 glibc: ldconfig debuginfo file conflict between i686 and x86_64
BZ#1905611 glibc: Do not remove debugging information from
BZ#1932590 CVE-2021-27645 glibc: Use-after-free in addgetnetgrentX function in netgroupcache.c [fedora-all]
BZ#1901445 beaker-28.1 is available
BZ#1918649 beaker: GSSAPI interface uses base64.encodestring removed in Python 3.9

Upstream test case for CVE-2019-25013 no longer segfaults. System still boots and core functionality is available.

BZ#1913056 CVE-2019-25013 glibc: buffer over-read in iconv when processing invalid multi-byte input sequences in the EUC-KR encoding [fedora-all]
BZ#1779399 problems causing FTBFS on f30, f31
BZ#1779399 problems causing FTBFS on f30, f31
BZ#1767937 strip:testprog[]: corrupt GNU build attribute note: wrong note type: bad value

This update fixes the podman hardlink issue for me.

BZ#1746417 fuse-overlayfs: In-container tzdata upgrades/downgrades are broken (related to hard links?)
BZ#1713402 libidn2-2.2.0 is available

A likely candidate for the sln error source is redhat-lsb:

@mikedep333 These messages appear to come from another scriptlet, not glibc. Not sure why dnf is attributing them to glibc. (We don't call updmap-sys during glibc updates.)

@fcobos, this looks like this issue:

It hits the updates-testing composes sporadically. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do on the glibc side.