This update fixes the podman hardlink issue for me.

BZ#1746417 fuse-overlayfs: In-container tzdata upgrades/downgrades are broken (related to hard links?)
BZ#1713402 libidn2-2.2.0 is available

A likely candidate for the sln error source is redhat-lsb:

@mikedep333 These messages appear to come from another scriptlet, not glibc. Not sure why dnf is attributing them to glibc. (We don't call updmap-sys during glibc updates.)

@fcobos, this looks like this issue:

It hits the updates-testing composes sporadically. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do on the glibc side.

@hwti I reported the missing RPMs to releng here: This is the second time the issue happened.

BZ#1439653 %check fails
BZ#1441601 thunderbird: No longer accepts TLS server certificate

Tested basic rustc and cargo functionality.

Works for me (sending mail over SMTP, receiving over IMAP).

Please drop the reference to bug #1381582, it is not yours, and Bodhi will keep changing the Bugzilla state. Thanks.