Thank you for fixing the issue!

BZ#2017994 speech-dispatcher.scm problem with festival and speech-dispatcher

Fixes the xdg-desktop-portal crash during start of epiphany

BZ#2036518 Realtime portal crash when mapping pids

Works fine on some very old hardware


Fixes GPU hangs and application crashes for any gtk4 application on Gen5 (first generation Core i CPUs)

Fixes crashes reported in and its duplicates. Fixes GPU hangs reported in


no regressions noted

Every time I start chromium, it crashes See retrace report

Works fine!

Confirming the regression found by asciiwolf.

BZ#2010353 optional software repos can't be disabled

Works fine

Test Case totem basic

Works fine except that it always crashes on logout (which it already did before), see bug #2012548 for example

BZ#2011872 gnome-shell OSDs show invalid icons most of the time

The quiterss software crashes very often and is using a very outdated (thus horribly insecure) QtWebKit version. Please do not package it to EPEL before it gets fixed.

BZ#1787652 Request to package quiterss

Cannot reproduce the steps from any more.

BZ#1377293 [Wayland] When typing fast at high CPU load, LibreOffice breaks key (letter) order

On Wayland, the new version looks quite weird (different header bar, different mouse cursor, no shadows and no high-contrast borders around window and dialogs, no shadows around menus). But at least it starts and does not crash immediately and basic stuff works.

BZ#1779230 QuiteRSS >0.19.0 does not use <0.18.12 settings and feeds
BZ#1779335 Crashes immediately on startup
Test Case usbguard GUI

Causes usbguard to fail to detect any usb path on 2 of my computers. If I use(d) a USB mouse and keyboard, this update completely locks me out of my computer forever (external changes from another linux system required).

GUI is missing, so "Test Case usbguard GUI" cannot work.

Test Case usbguard GUI

Note: The dependencies of plugins are not up to date so I created a pull request:


The main application works as expected. Thank you!

BZ#1454972 exaile-4.0.0 is available

Color fringing is less ugly but still present.

BZ#1645763 ClearType enablement: strong color fringing that is not present in vanilla build from freetype git
BZ#1636480 dnf-automatic timer files: Incorrect dependency causing ordering cycle for systemd
Test Case base update cli