Thanks for testing, buvaneshkumar.


#1333523 is fixed, thanks!

BZ#1333523 Quoted backslashes gets repeated when taken from history

For the record, I believe #1333523 was introduced in this version. Personally, I wouldn't let that stop the update; the problem it fixes is much more serious. But just to let anyone listening know.


Fixes #1303323, and seems to work just fine in general.

BZ#1303323 tcsh: interposed malloc is not ABI-compliant due to lack of alignment

Gecko works again, and the programs I use wine for still works.

BZ#1305195 wine-1.9.3 is available
BZ#1299190 Package needs update to a newer version
BZ#1301245 wine-1.9.2 is available

It fixes #1294793; giving only one description at the time. And otherwise it works fine as before.

BZ#1294793 Both the English and Russian description is shown simultaneously

Works for me, and fixes #1293062 and #1292805.

BZ#1293062 Journalctl says "no entries" even when told to be quiet.
BZ#1292805 Regression: journalctl -f broken (again) with initially empty filter result

Good, now both devel packages install cleanly side-by-side.

BZ#1214910 Multi-arch conflict for gpg-error.h in devel packages

#1266068 is fixed, and no regressions as far as I can tell.

BZ#1266068 hostapd won't start via Systemd, selinux errors

Looks good, and #1279632 is fixed.

BZ#1279632 Squid creates three shm files
Test Case Rkhunter

Works for me, and makes sox-plugins-freeworld from RPM Fusion work again.

I'm arriving late since this has already been pushed to stable. But as I was the one reporting #1217178 I would like to anyway confirm that this does indeed fix the problem for me.

BZ#1217178 convert fails on monochrome XPM image

Works and fixes bug #1254288 for me.

BZ#1254288 Warning about unescaped left brace

I wasn't quick enough to give feedback before the package was pushed to stable. But I can confirm now that it did indeed fix bug #1277464 for me.

BZ#1277464 RPM should not crash on old GPG keys

This fixes #1275085

BZ#1275085 Obsolete dracut-fedup

The lennartp references are gone from the manual page, and commented out in the config file. That's better! :-)

BZ#991094 avahi-daemon manpage references file locations under /home/lennart/tmp
BZ#1246849 The distributed avahi-daemon.conf references

After also adding the flag "-U 0", things works again.

The daemon starts now, but it doesn't seem to get any data. Further details in the bugzilla.


1146185 is fixed


I haven't tried to actually check that the various CVE:s are fixed. But it is the release that the wireshark developers says should fix it, so I trust them. :-)