it seems to introduce the regression here:

From some further analysis ( it seems to be related to the missing manager: optionally, do a full preset on first boot patch, but I've not validated it on a fresh system so it could just be some left-over from the previous downgrade&upgrade test.

BZ#1858965 libseccomp-2.5.0 is available

the issue seems related to the selinux policy rather than crun.

Do other packages install without problems?

crun doesn't keep any persistent data (everything is stored under $XDG_RUNTIME_DIR) so I think it was just an issue in the interaction Podman-conmon, fixed with the new Podman

could you confirm it is working correctly with the previous version?

I think that is a podman issue rather than crun:

Do you see something like the following in your journal?

Failed to mkfifo at ~/.local/share/containers/storage/overlay-containers/a26bc82e68ec049d2c8857ec6c916f3873cd8ebe7635e0fb4bd07b3ef4c6596a/userdata/winsz: File exists

thanks for the feedback. What error message are you seeing?

solves the issue I had with fuse-overlayfs


it breaks rootless mode. We need the commit 7e3c27eb9d9a3cc05bf3717650097a0dc4fb5f6a