"Executable keepassxc requires Qt 5.15.5, found Qt 5.15.3."

I unplugged my microphone and plugged it back in, but then OBS was no longer able to pick up my microphone and would record my desktop audio as if it was a mic/aux. I also tried changing input(s) in my application and gnome control center, but it will only return to normal after a full system restart while having all cables connected. Also it will break and clone itself again once the microphone is either unplugged or reconnected.

I ran into after an upgrade and reboot. I then tried to downgrade to 0.3.55-2 and rebooted, but my mic/aux was still picking up my desktop audio while recording. I rebooted again, but now my microphone was no longer working. I then decided to upgrade to 0.3.56-1 again and now my microphone was recording sound and no longer picked up my desktop audio. Apologies if this doesn’t quality for negative karma, but seeing as the github reporter isn't the only one running into this bug, I thought it'd be of some value. kernel-5.18.11-200.fc36.x86_64, wireplumber-0.4.11-2.fc36.x86_64.

BZ#2102336 mesa-22.1.4 is available

Fixed qBittorrent "invalid cross-device link" gh#17352.

BZ#2107929 rb_libtorrent-2.0.7 is available
BZ#2104598 tracker-3.3.2 is available
BZ#2097859 mesa-22.1.2 is available