This version starts successfully on Fedora 35.

BZ#2014797 gnuradio-companion does not work on Fedora 35

I can confirm that this update (1.12.1) fixes Steam.

With 1.12.0 it was failing with "error: Failed to block syscall 442".

BZ#2012273 flatpak-1.12.1 is available

This update successfully fixed #1976653 on my two computers.

BZ#1976653 dracut lock-up of 1m30s in initrd due to new dbus-broker ordering causing slow boot

Works, HW drivers are there.

BZ#1877485 Empty list of the supported hardware

works with mpv

BZ#1861147 youtube-dl-2020.07.28 is available

Works with sway (waybar) and i3 (i3bar).

BZ#1840092 libappindicator support for nm-applet

Everything seems working; "paste from clipboard" crash no longer reproduce.

I've successfully made few models using this version. Everything seems working.