BZ#2153742 is fixed.

BZ#2153742 regression: cpupower: symbol lookup error: cpupower: undefined symbol: pci_filter_match, version LIBPCI_3.3
BZ#2122947 Missing separate debuginfo build-id suggestion does not work (target:)

While this release is probably not a regression the listed bug's reproducer is still crashing the same.

BZ#2122948 Reproducible crash in Writer

It no longer leaks for me:

res-base Wins  GCs Fnts Pxms Misc   Pxm mem  Other   Total   PID Identifier    
0a00000    44    4    2   41 2419   1196396K     59K 1196455K 95444 marco
BZ#1965944 Leaking X resources (on virtual desktop switch)

The changelog Bug ID is invalid: * Wed Apr 21 2021 Martin Stransky - 88.0-2 - Added clipboard fix mzbz#1703763.

requires version 3.004004 of SpamAssassin, but this is code version 3.004005

BZ#1852546 regression: xlock SEGV on -startCmd

When I have a command bound to alt-shift-p it will now automatically get executed when I start VIM:

noremap <Esc>P :help<enter>

5.5.x regression: no WiFi on Lenovo X1 Carbon 6th I believe for kernel-5.5.7 there should be at least: Recommends: iwl7260-firmware Then 5.5.6 works for me.

BZ#1773374 ccache-3.7.7 is available

It all works fine on my two x86_64 boxes.

ThinkPad X1 Carbon 6th

5.1.7 works fine for me although there is still regressed IPv6 since 5.0.6 (5.0.x): Bug 1708717

BZ#1649107 nut-client contains / (in the root directory)
BZ#1654153 regression: gold: discarding version information for __libc_stack_end