@liva, the hanging issue should be fixed in 4.17.7. @nphilipp, thanks for filing a bug.

@augenauf, please file a bug with details (dmesg, last working version, etc). Thanks!

Since there's not been a stampede of additional reports of system hangs I'm going to push this.

@ibims, I'm afraid we can't support the closed-source nvidia module.

Update went smoothly and seems to work

Hi @pipiche,

Please file an issue with complete details (what exactly doesn't work, the complete dmesg log, etc). I have tested this on the 3B+ using aarch64 and I've not run into problems.


python-zmq-17.0.0 is on its way to stable so if you're interested in re-pushing this it should be good to go.

Hi @emarci,

Without seeing the logs it's difficult for me to say what the problem is, but if it's happening with older kernels that used to work, it's very likely not a problem with this update. Have you filed an issue about this?

Hi @patrick299nash,

I'm afraid we do not support the proprietary nvidia driver. If you can reproduce it with nouveau and file a bug, that would be great.

@bjr69 thanks for the feedback. Regarding the flickering, it sounds like I see there's a freedesktop bug linked in a comment. The symptom described isn't exactly the same, but it's probably a good place to start. If you do end up filing a new bug, linking it back to #1573482 would be very helpful. Thanks again!

@samoht0 It sounds like that issue only occurs sometimes, is that correct, or can you reproduce it 100% of the time (and never reproduce it on 4.16.6)? The upstream bug report is still in the NEEDINFO state[0]. Could you please provide the requested information?



Apologies for obsoleting the old build, it didn't show up in my Bodhi updates list and I thought I had pushed it.

Hi @jag,

Previous kernels were in the testing repository and the testing people have provided is very valuable. This is a rebase from 4.15 to 4.16 so thorough testing is important. Unfortunately, there was an issue introduced in 4.16.4[0] that caused some systems to hang during boot. Rather that pushing out a kernel with a rather serious regression, I opted to wait a few days to see if we could learn more about the problem and get it fixed. I apologize if this has been frustrating. This build includes a work-around and I'm planning on pushing this to stable once it reaches the karma threshold.


@augenauf, someone noticed that packages issue yesterday I think and brought it up in the #fedora-admin channel (maybe it was you?). My guess is it missed some messages and doesn't do any polling so it didn't get updated. It looks to be updated now that the package actually got pushed. When updates are submitted for testing, they don't actually end up in the updates-testing repository until release engineering triggers a push (about once a day).

Hi @ciupicri,

Can you file a bug with:

  • Whether it is a new regression in 4.16.4 (not present in the 4.16.3 kernel) or it is a new regression in 4.16 (not present in 4.15 kernels)

  • Whether or not the Rawhide kernel also exhibits this

  • The dmesg log


Thanks for testing, @ciupicri!

That is indeed a problem and it looks like it's already resolved upstream. I'll see about getting an updated build out.

Hi @gerhardw,

Missing the patch for the KVM problem as discussed in: FEDORA-2018-b6be90818d

Yes, I was concerned about pulling the patch in without a review from the KVM maintainers. It looks like it's now received some feedback and will need a bit of tweaking. I'm going to leave it out of the 4.16.5 build as well since it sounds like it may cause issues for nested virtualization. Hopefully it'll be resolved before 4.16.6. Sorry about that.

@gerhardw thanks for testing and reporting that. It looks like that's bz 1566258 and a patch has been submitted upstream with a potential fix, but hasn't been reviewed and accepted yet.

I started a test build with that patch applied, when the build is done can you confirm it fixes the problem?

Ah, cool. I just wanted to make sure it didn't get lost in the shuffle if it existed.

Thanks for testing. Is there a bugzilla report for that flickering issue?