Thanks. The updated version indeed seems to solve the issue.

BZ#1794039 SyntaxError: invalid syntax when closing down nautilus
BZ#1802403 rabbitvcs-0.18 is available

installs fine and seems to work as intended (tested using the tutorial example at

BZ#1483299 dependency g2clib has changed name of static library

Yes, this is known. gdl needs to be rebuild using eccodes. I filed a pull-request to do just that, see:, but the maintainter seems to not have had time to work on it. If this is important to you I suggest you file a bug against gdl. It will not be possible to have eccodes and gdl+grib_api installed at the same time until this is resolved.

thanks for your comment. Yes it does break these packages. In fact it replaces grib_api and therefore obsoletes its python sub-package. I know this is not the normal way of doing things in EPEL but I think we have no choice. grib_api is end-of-life upstream at the end of this month, and it is only a matter of time before users will get grib files that cannot be decoded anymore by the grib_api library (because the necessary tables are no longer updated). For gdl eccodes can be used as replacement for the current dependency on grib_api. I suggested a patch to the package to do that and provided a pull request to its maintainer. Meanwhile, I won't push to stable until these issues are resolved and all interested in it agree.

Thanks for your comment.

Regarding your question "is this required?" I would say yes. grib_api will be end-of-life at the end of the year. This package depends on its table definitions, and if they are no longer updated, users will (slowly) loose the ability to use recent data. So doing nothing seems wrong to me.

The timing when to do this change can be debated of course. I sure will not push the package unless you and the other packagers affected are happy. (are there others? Actually I have no idea how to do a repoquery for epel packages on my fedora system to find out).

Since eccodes provides a compatibility library for grib_api the problem seems only gdl? So please take a look at the pull request for gdl that I did on fedora. Is that something that could be applied to epel as well?

For your information, upstream has now accepted my patch and can now be build using eccodes. See: To make it easier to track I'll add this info to bugzilla as well.

Thanks for your observation. gdl currently uses the older grib_api library which cannot be installed together with eccodes because they both provide identically named tools in /usr/bin. In time this should be replaced by eccodes, and when that happens the problem will be solved I think. As a first attempt I submitted this pull request: but it may take some time/iterations to get this sorted out.


this update solves the problem for me.


Yes this is confirmed on my side as well. The updated dulwich 0.19.2-1 combined with the updated hg-git version 0.8.11-1 solved the issue for me.


Sorry, but I have to report the same thing. With this version hg worksfind again for non git repositories, but it crashes on git repositories. Seems to be an upstream problem since the latest version from gives me the same error (I should have notied that before I reported this in the first place).


the kernel itself seems to work just fine on my x86 laptop, I'm just missing the kernel-headers package to build some kernel modules. Should that be available already, or will that come later?


this update does solve the save bug for me, so I'll give some positive karma, but it does not yet solve the other major bug (SIGSEGV bug #1324905), so I can still not use story mode (but the contrib levels seem to work correct now, at least the first level of bonus island I that I just tested, and its state is properly saved and reloaded after a restart).

BZ#1295185 Supertux don't save level state

also this version solves the --no-bitmap-icon option for me. Also the grep command seems to work as expected.


thanks, works correct now on my side.