I'm not able to add steinberg-bravura-fonts here, because that build is already in another update. I don't expect this update to go to stable anytime soon and I think that for such a big update it's sane to wait at least a week so it should be okay.


I can confirm this update breaks all applications using qt5-qtwebengine.

Works for me.

I backported those changes from RHEL, where I adressed CVEs mentioned in changelog and I was a bit lazy to check what CVEs has been already adressed in Fedora (my fault). I first added all CVEs mentioned in the changelog and then I went through some CVEs in bugzilla and added related ones (e.g. those in PrintStructures() which are under multiple CVEs from what I remember.


Works fine.

BZ#1412851 photoqt-v1.5 is available

This update has been unpushed.


Seems to work fine.

Sorry for that, I already expired all Qt5 build overrides and will use dedicated build target next time when doing Qt5 update.


Crashes everytime it tries to parse a project, downgrade to previous version solves the problem.

Problem is when you updated previously to plasma-workspace-5.3.0-5, if so you need to switch to Breeze look-and-feel package and then back to Fedora.