P.s. it's supposed to be a bugfix update

@bynt This is marked incorrectly due to an existing security update in testing that contains jmc that causes bodhi to force this update to also be of the same type: FEDORA-MODULAR-2020-847691dbcf

I'm trying to resolve things so it is marked correctly. Sorry for the confusion here.


We have new bugfix builds for jmc that we'd like to push to stable. Can the jmc builds here be dropped?

FEDORA-MODULAR-2020-ccef3e7ea5 FEDORA-MODULAR-2020-be4dc65d95

User Icon jkang commented & provided feedback on curl-7.65.3-2.fc30 a year ago

Works for me. Thanks for the fixes introduced here!

This update has been unpushed.

Tested on a F29 VM installing the default profile. JMC runs as expected. I also see the black charts issue on Wayland but not X.

Built a Maven Java project and ran okay for me.