Nicely fixing my waybar. It's starting immediately after login. Thanks!

BZ#2020371 Slow startup of GTK apps due to deadlock in xdg-desktop-portal

Works great and thanks a lot for fixing such annoying issue!

BZ#2008645 Screensharing doesnt work in Firefox (sway)
BZ#2020732 xdg-desktop-portal-wlr-0.5.0 is available

This is fixing the copr-enable issue on Rawhide. Thanks!


Dracut seems to be working correctly, however, it's changing behavior which results in a problem with downloading kickstart during the installation. It's great that we found that out but it could have a bad consequence for the resulting system and change in Anaconda won't be that trivial and could introduce bugs.

For more info see here:

Adding -1 based on my discussion on #fedora-blocker-review IRC channel.


Working great. Thanks!

Looks good to me. Thanks!

Looks good to me. Thanks!

BZ#1742867 Update for Fedora 31 branching

Works for me. Thanks for update!

BZ#1742867 Update for Fedora 31 branching

Works great. Thanks!

BZ#1671079 nbd-3.19 is available

aciiwolf, seems that you are right. I think they messed release that it includes something which shouldn't be there.

On the other hand, based on the changelog it should be there

Thanks, I'll try to find time to make another release soon.

Yeah, I see that they released new version almost the same date I started to look on the package :D.

However, these are just localization fixes for MacOSX so nothing important.

Works for me too. Thanks!

Anaconda is working correctly again. Thanks!

BZ#1502915 World map missing in Time & Date

Works for me. The bug is fixed.

BZ#1497677 Blivet trys to import non-existent pyanaconda module

Works for me. Thanks for update.


Works for me and lorax are working again under --old-chroot.

Thanks a lot!

BZ#1481370 loop dev nodes are not always created in --old-chroot mode

praiskup +1 I really like that idea.

Works but it is not the new version.

Please fix this package. When you look inside of this package you will find this egg-info:


This should be version 1.5.3 not 1.5.2. The same problem is on rawhide.