Works fine locally. Fixes invalid filter directive message. SHIPIT.


Zincati is FCOS-only, and this version passed FCOS' CI at the time the release was cut upstream, so +1.


Works for me locally. Let's get this in!

BZ#1925717 Upgrade removes all overrides

Can you try systemctl restart rpm-ostreed.service?

To anyone with layered packages sitting on a deployment with libsolv v0.7.17: once this errata is pushed to stable and we have a new compose with the new rpm-ostree, you'll need to be running either from a deployment without libsolv v0.7.17 or one with libsolv v0.7.17 and this rpm-ostree.

Concretely, this means that you either need to rollback to an older deployment if you still have one, or you can just rpm-ostree usroverlay && rpm -Uvh rpm-ostree-{,libs}-...rpm. And then rpm-ostree upgrade (and make sure it shows this errata in the diff before rebooting into it).


Tested working in latest FCOS testing release.


Installs fine at least.

Causes issues for IoT on devices that use device tree such as the Raspberry Pi and Pine64

This is a regression from OSTree v2020.4, not rpm-ostree. Tracked upstream at

We really want this specific rpm-ostree release in f33 to unbreak rebases (#1876194).

Hmm, shouldn't this be 241-13? The previous one was 241-12 already no? Heh, though I guess it'll still order correctly since the previous git tag was git1e19bcd and this one is git323cdf4.

Sorry for resetting the karma on this. This new build also fixes

We've been using this in development versions of FCOS for some time, and it's been working well (or at least, it errors out for now the way we expect it to).

BZ#1721564 Review Request: rust-zincati - Update agent for Fedora CoreOS
BZ#1691831 Video in Firefox 66 constantly freezes in Bluejeans

Hmm, so when I do:

  # echo "hello" > /run/console-login-helper-messages/motd.d/00_hello
  # systemctl restart console-login-helper-messages-motdgen.service
  # cat /run/console-login-helper-messages/console-login-helper-messages.motd 
  Fedora (29 (Cloud Edition))

And then log out and back in, I don't see the motd. I'm testing this on FCOS, which also has an /etc/motd, and logging back in just shows that MOTD instead, though I did try to delete /etc/motd to see if it would generate a new one. When does this show up exactly?

pmatilai - can you please add rpm-ostree-2018.7-3.fc28 to this update so they will go in together?

Seconded. See context in FEDORA-2018-59aaa9f6b1.

Fixes oc cluster up for me.


Works for me!


WFM! Fixes ostree GPG regression.