Electron cash that depends on this package works in darkmode. There are no longer any dependency on tox

BZ#2064905 Unneeded dependency on python-tox

Depends on a newer version of python3-logfury FEDORA-2021-1d17e6056c

Version is also updated to 0.21.12

This update has been unpushed.

This update has been unpushed.

Thanks will fix them

I added the auto push with +1 karma, so it was pushed by the system after imaginaryusername gave it +1.

Works against Electrum 3.3.4

BZ#1662572 Review Request: python-aiohttp-socks - SOCKS proxy connector for aiohttp

Looks like it was caused/discovered by the this commit that I merged into f28 and f29

qdarkstyle is an optional dependency, but I will create a package for it.

I did not know about these issues before it was pushed to stable

Thanks for your testing and feedback, it makes pushing to stable faster and I am more confident that we did not break anything during update