I am having trouble with this since upgrade to 32.

Upgrade 1 Package

Total download size: 4.9 M Is this ok [y/N]: y Downloading Packages: breeze-icon-theme-5.68.0-1.fc32.noarch.rpm 6.9 MB/s | 4.9 MB 00:00

Total 5.2 MB/s | 4.9 MB 00:00
Running transaction check Transaction check succeeded. Running transaction test Transaction test succeeded. Running transaction Preparing : 1/1 Upgrading : breeze-icon-theme-5.68.0-1.fc32.noarch 1/2 Error unpacking rpm package breeze-icon-theme-5.68.0-1.fc32.noarch Verifying : breeze-icon-theme-5.68.0-1.fc32.noarch 1/2 Verifying : breeze-icon-theme-5.67.0-1.fc32.noarch 2/2

Failed: breeze-icon-theme-5.67.0-1.fc32.noarch breeze-icon-theme-5.68.0-1.fc32.noarch

Error: Transaction failed

I have not rebooted but I did log out and back in. The files are image files opening with gwenview. I get a few sad-face icons on the taskbar but no information. I'll reboot and see if that solves it. Thanks

After this update I'm getting kdeinit5 segmentation fault when opening files from dolphin.

regression in kcm_kscreen (no longer scrollable window), search needs to be disabled or desktop is unusable. baloo_file creates system loads 7.9 +