Smooth update, Wayland works with Radeon graphics.


Thanks, I auroremoved all, just to see if there are any regressions. Nothing drastic happened.

But, looks like removing xsetroot affects the mouse cursor: when running certain apps on wayland (i think those using xwayland) the cursor switches to the plain X11-cursor (X):

I'm using KDE Spin and default Breeze cursors. Reinstalling xsetroot fixes the behaviour.


WFM, Radeon RX 560


The performance problems I have, will probably be resolved when FF88 is released. At least with the current Firefox Nightly (88), Wayland performance with default settings is butter smooth.

After installing this update, running dnf autoremove lists some of these packages, is this a cause for concern?

5.21.2 seems to be a solid update, thank you!

BZ#1930514 Plasma System Monitor don't show neither History nor System Stats

@adamwill Yes the lag and stutter is still present in this build, latest KDE Plasma + Wayland.

And as previously mentioned, setting

widget.wayland_vsync.enabled = false

fixes the stutter.

I also checked what the default value was in FF85, since it does not have similar Wayland issues, and the value defaults to false. In FF86 the default is true. And at least in my system keeping it false in FF86 doesn't seem to have any negative effects.


Heavy ui lag and scrolling stutter with Wayland and KDE Plasma 5.21, can be fixed setting 'widget.wayland_vsync.enabled' false. Happens also with stock Mozilla binary, so not Fedora specific. FF85 didn't have such issues. Otherwise update works for me.

Test Case firefox addons
Test Case firefox browse
Test Case firefox media

After the latest system monitor switcheroo, 'ksysguard' is not installable anymore. 'sudo dnf install ksysguard' offers only to install the 'ksysguard-libs', but not the main app.


Fresh install from latest official respin iso (F33-KDE-x86_64-LIVE-20210129.iso) :

dnf history libglvnd-gles No transaction which manipulates package ' libglvnd-gles' was found

'dnf list installed' after booting from the live image also does not list "libglvnd-gles", so it's missing from the install media.

Maybe it was dropped at somepoint or it's just the respin iso missing the file.



But... on KDE with AMDGPU, neither wayland nor webrender are enabled by default; compositor is basic and window system xwayland, unless I force gfx.webrender.all and use the moz wayland env var. Looking at koji changelog, wayland and webrender were added to previous builds, are they not carried over to this?

Also related to this, webrender requires "libglvnd-gles" to be installed, otherwise it fails:

[GFX1-]: Failed[3] to load EGL library: FEATURE_FAILURE_EGL_LOAD_3 [GFX1-]: Failed GL context creation for WebRender: 0

"libglvnd-gles" is not installed by default on F33 KDE spin, I think it should be.

Test Case firefox addons
Test Case firefox browse

Works, thank you for the quick update.