fedpkg build --target f35-build-side-46299 Building python-jwt-2.1.0-3.fc35 for f35-build-side-46299 Created task: 76693789 Task info: Should be built in a few. ;)

I have just pushed a update that removes the upper bound for now until upstream decides what they want to do here., for rawhide, do you want to merge into f35 and build for f35 (and attach here)?

I had to update libmodulemd/python3-modulemd on the bodhi-backend box, but then it went throught...

These exist again. :)

BZ#1993505 Intermittent failure in kernel-core %posttrans when creating live images

This build is deleted. You need to make a new one before pushing.

This should be fixed. Please retest?

python3-mock is the 'code ready builder' rhel8 channel. Enable that and try again? Or it's 'powertools' in CentOS 8.

This update has been unpushed.


/usr/bin/kernel-install is present again, kernels install correctly.

BZ#1931957 kernel-core is not installable due to systemd-udev dropping /usr/bin/kernel-install

@amessina Well, if you are setting up the web interface, you likely already have your own ca ? I'm not sure having a default self signed one makes too much sense...