Worked fine on a cloud instance.

Do you have any duplicate package there? or only one python3-pyqt5-sip? Does 'rpm -V python3-pyqt5-sip' show anything? Is /usr/lib64/python3.7/site-packages/PyQt5/ correct for the package? Do you have another somewhere?

I was unaware of other things using that requires. Will fix in the next version (later today or tomorrow).

Yes, the python3 subpackage went away. What issue(s) does it cause you? ansible-lint has been adjusted...

I do not maintain ansible-lint, but I have filed to get them to adjust to the packaging. Sorry foor the trouble.

Oops. Yes, I thought I had fixed this. New version coming in a few here... thanks for the feedback!


Installs and runs fine here.

You have to wait until it says "This update has been pushed to testing." here before it's in the updates-testing repos.

The fixed iptables version will be in the updates push later today. Please retest and adjust karma after that.

See FEDORA-2019-8e7a3998a1

I thought software collections packages needed to be explicitly activated?

I can look at adding the requires to be sure tho... can you file a bug on it so I don't forget it? or a PR?


Works here!

BZ#1688462 System upgrades involving modular content require explicit --setopt=module_platform_id to work correctly
BZ#1686679 librados2 not installable due to rogue dep


robert: Can you move your incrontab from /etc/incron.d to a root user incrontab and see if the problem persists?

My theory is that this fixes only the user incrontab case, not the system wide /etc/incron.d/ case...

robert: are you sure the new one was used? can you duplicate it?

I did a test compose with this and it worked:





BZ#1632518 PackageKit installs packages from default module streams, but does not enable the module stream