I thought software collections packages needed to be explicitly activated?

I can look at adding the requires to be sure tho... can you file a bug on it so I don't forget it? or a PR?


Works here!

BZ#1688462 System upgrades involving modular content require explicit --setopt=module_platform_id to work correctly
BZ#1686679 librados2 not installable due to rogue dep


robert: Can you move your incrontab from /etc/incron.d to a root user incrontab and see if the problem persists?

My theory is that this fixes only the user incrontab case, not the system wide /etc/incron.d/ case...

robert: are you sure the new one was used? can you duplicate it?

I did a test compose with this and it worked:





BZ#1632518 PackageKit installs packages from default module streams, but does not enable the module stream



Arrrgh. Looks like it had a stable request that I missed. :(

Sorry about that everyone...

I have disabled autokarma to stable, we can leave this in testing until folks have time to sort things out. Just let me know.

BZ#1636633 FreeIPA server deployment fails due to crash of ipa-submit and/or kernel/xfs locking issue and/or crash of named-pkcs11

Well, not really. Upstream listed it, so I copied that, but looking at it, it's much more complicated than the fix upstream. See: for discussion. Basically changing this behavior in perl would break things, but perl itself (and now spamassassin) don't rely on this behavior. I also didn't mark it fixed here because its already marked WONTFIX in the above bug. Anyhow, hope that helps.

Sorry about that, I thought it only affected f28+ Will get a new update out here in a few min...


Seems good here.

BZ#1626851 Packagekit coredumps