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jorti: can you file a bug on this so we can debug whats going on? I tested vault here and can't duplicate...

Note: php-JMSParser and php-PhpCollection were retired and are still blocked in koji. Please file a releng ticket to unblock them and set them active in pdc. Until then, this update won't go out because they cannot be signed.

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Check if you have a /etc/rkhunter.conf.rpmnew if you do, please move it into /etc/rkhunter.conf, re-run rkhunter --propupd and it should work.

I disabled that test... odd. Do you by chance have a /etc/rkhunter.conf.rpmnew? if so can you move it to /etc/rkhunter.conf, run rkhunter --propupd and see if the problem persists?

BZ#1465187 bind-dyndb-ldap needs rebuild against bind 9.11.1

Seems to work to compose rawhide and branched at least and hopefully fixes an issue with atomic, but we won't know until it's in the buildroot.

It does not build there currently, it needs newer asciidoctor. Also apparently theres install problems in epel7 (see bug 1286233 )


looks fine to me...

This update has been unpushed.


Looks ok here.

BZ#1434977 Fedora 26 backgrounds are the same as Fedora 25

Works here.

BZ#1400249 Wrong systemd unit in cloud-init
BZ#1430511 cloud init doesn't setup ssh keys for access
BZ#1428492 Cloud-init is starting before still
BZ#1389530 fails to configure network
User Icon kevin commented & provided feedback on fedora-repos-24-5 4 years ago

The f26 key in this update is invalid. Look for a new update that fixes this.

jayjayjazz: I doubt calibre has anything to do with your graphics subsystem. Did you apply other updates? Can you file a bug at ?

I'm going to unpush this and push it back to testing until there's a sway fix and other issues can be investigated. If thats going to take more than a day or two we should push a reverted mesa in the mean time.

This update has been unpushed.