@stransky the nss version is not enforced via rpm requirements

Test Case firefox browse

This dracut release also has problems bringing up network with rd.neednet=1 (dhcp)

oh I see it now, it opens a tab with a new privacy notice or something like that, guessing that creates the problem


I am not sure why the automated test failed, but in general the rpms work, I am using them. I do not have sssd running though.

BZ#1966933 Update to 89.0
BZ#1625584 redhat-lsb: %triggerpostun uses /sbin/sln, which no longer exists
BZ#1957101 Firefox 88.0.1 is available

Source in specfile is no longer working;

Working urls:{version}%{?pre_version}/source/thunderbird-%{version}%{?pre_version}.source.tar.xz or{version}%{?pre_version}/source/thunderbird-%{version}%{?pre_version}.source.tar.xz

BZ#1951957 Thunderbird 78.10.0 is available
BZ#1914997 thunderbird-78.6.1 is available
BZ#1903389 thunderbird-78.6.0 is available