Works fine as far as I can tell.

BZ#1742126 rtorrent-0.9.8 is available
BZ#1742137 libtorrent-0.13.8 is available

libtorrent and rtorrent .spec diffs look good to me. Will test.

Please coordinate with updating rtorrent. They tend to be closely coupled and this update appears to only be for libtorrent.

Works for me on Symantec certs and in general. Using it right now.

BZ#1403936 Chromium 55 is available
BZ#1403611 chromium shows error on ssl-sites secured by symantec certificates

Did not crash on start up. (Fixes 1164516.) Doesn't seem to have any defects; I was able to successfully play a few levels of single-player on novice.

AutoQA test is broken, tries to install i686 package on x86_64.


My mistake. I did not realize EPEL packages hadn't been pushed out before this recent change.

rdieter, see #550360 comment 14 and/or the .spec diff. Nothing changed, no reason to push out an update.


no need to push as update

User Icon konradm commented & provided feedback on mosh-1.2-2.el5 12 years ago

I have a VPS stuck on old centos5. This package Worked-For-Me (after I added a firewall exception for udp 60000-61000). Thanks!