Seems ok in daily use

Works for me.

No issues in Firefox and Thunderbird in daily use

No issues with firefox in daily use

No regressions in daily use

Seem fine in daily use.

Seems fine in daily use

No issues noted in daily use.

No issues noted in daily use.

No issues noted with Firefox and Thunderbird flatpaks.

Firefox and Thunderbird flatpaks continue to work fine in daily use.

Fun game! Worked fine for me in some quick "testing"

BZ#2134915 warzone2100-4.3.2 is available

Works fine in daily use.

BZ#2140574 Firefox 106.0.5 was released

basic funtionality tested. Works fine.

No issues in daily use with Thundebird and Firefox flatpaks.

Working fine for me.

Backgrounds are super slow to load but otherwise works fine.

Looks ok in quick testing.

No issues in daily use.