Yep, this fixes the hexchat crash in lua described in BZ#1955045

Yep, hexchat update fixes the crash. Karma adjusted. Thanks!

According to this is actually a latent bug in hexchat? So I can modify my karma to +1 if the patch from that BZ is applied to hexchat in F33 (also needed in F34, already in rawhide).

(same crash on F34, so...)

I'm not giving negative karma because I don't have a rawhide system to test it myself, but on F33 the upgrade to lua-5.4.3 causes hexchat to reliably crash (in lua) on startup.

This update to lua causes hexchat to crash during startup. 100% reliable. I had to downgrade to 5.4.2


Installed and worked fine on my F34 test machine, and fixed


Installed and worked fine on 2 F33 machines, and fixed


This doesn't appear to fix the problem I reported in #1639043, but it also doesn't make it any worse, and seems to otherwise work okay.

BZ#1639043 update of lighttpd package from 1.4.49 to 1.4.50 causes pi-hole admin console to fail at startup.

Much better than the ancient build that's currently in the repo :-)


This solves the crash when parsing SRIOV VF info. Also tested basic runtime functionality, and built both libvirt and netcf packages (which use libnl3-devel during the build)


Installs properly and fixes the documented problem.

BZ#1393975 libvirt failing to start

This has the same regression as 4.2.3-200.fc22 (which I unfortunately didn't update to until yesterday) relative to 4.1.10-200.fc22 - boot hangs for a very long time, then displays:

"systemd-udevd[368]: worker [376] /devices/pci0000:00/0000:04.0/0000:02.0 is taking a long time"

(I think 0000:02.0 is a mistaken reference to my 82576 card at 0000:02:00.0, which then fails to be bound to the igb driver as it was in kernel 4.1.10-200 and previous).

Since it's not new, (4.2.3-200 has the same problem and is already in stable) this shouldn't hold up this kernel, but I need to report it somewhere.


new package continues to work (start/stop/restart network service), and fixes Bug 1162822. Would be really good to get this in before final GA compose.

I've verified that this update fixes Bug 634736.