User Icon lef commented & provided feedback on emacs-24.5-6.fc22 3 years ago

This works fine, but is this the most recent bodhi update for 22?

BZ#1261668 Support BBDB >= 3 (EUDC)

On Twenty-Two, it was non-fatal anyway (< Perl-5.22)

BZ#1259481 BackupPC fail - using tar method
User Icon lef commented & provided feedback on rssh-2.3.4-2.el7 3 years ago

I can't scp from a bash-using user to a rssh using user. It works with scponly:

/usr/bin/rssh: Permission denied lost connection

  • No service file as this is RHEL6: OK.
  • /var/run/BackupPC now present in rpm
  • Systemd service file now included
BZ#1337984 BackupPC expects /var/run/BackupPC to exist which doesn't after a reboot
BZ#1240170 Unable to start BackupPC due to missing /var/run/BackupPC
BZ#1342138 Bernard Johnson, please respond.