I've got pylint fixed in rawhide, and building in side tag f39-build-side-74606, but python-lsp-server needs some things:

I've tagged python-astroid-3.0.0~b0~202309253dbb5d7-1.fc39 there so you should be able to build everything into that.

We will need this in f39. Please let me know when python-lsp-server is ready there and I'll push an update with corrected versioning.

This update has been unpushed.

Thank you!

BZ#2169641 Syntax highlight for sh files broken

No regressions noted.

Can you file another BZ please?

Thank you. Upper-bounding was the issue here too.

No worries. Better too many than none at all. ;)

Whoops, thank you, fix coming shortly.

This update has been unpushed.

User Icon limb commented & provided feedback on zbar-0.23.90-1.fc36 a year ago

Are you able to share a sample file that reproduces this? If so please attach to the BZ.

Ignore the comment, copypasta.


This needs fixing, closing to clear the queue for now.

@mohanboddu @pingou

BZ#2089386 Cannot launch

Odd, fedpkg request branch says python-docutils is in EL.

User Icon limb commented & provided feedback on firefox-98.0-2.fc35 a year ago

No regressions.

Test Case firefox addons
Test Case firefox browse

This update has been unpushed.