After updated fontconfig to this version, the chinese fontname of wqy-zenhei-fonts in fc-list output is back.

This version/patch fixed bug#1634245.

Karma +1

BZ#1634245 fontconfig-2.12.91 caused wqy-zeihei-fonts lost it's Chinese font name in `fc-list` output

Thanks for fixing! /me don't like gtk3 at all

BZ#1348963 Can't read Firefox tooltip text (white font on yellow background)
Test Case firefox media
Test Case firefox addons
Test Case firefox browse

Finally I can disable window shading now from GUI.

Thanks a lot!


After one hour testing. this issue isn't reproduced. emerald-0.8.12-2.fc23 fixed this issue. Thanks!


emerald often terminated unexpectedly. especially when I press ALT + TAB to switch window. MATE + Compiz, Desktop Cube plugin enabled.


well, it fixed the weird scroll bug #1243203, #1242251, #1245247, #1226706.

Thanks, it fixed the bug. Terminus font is come back. (You need to logout the X session and login again, or simple reboot your computer)

Thanks, that bug drive me crazy. This build works for me too.

looks like it fixed the mariadb/mysql utf8 characters input issue (although i don't why it does not work for Asterisk package, maybe it's another story). MariaDB [(none)]> select '汉字'; +--------+ | 汉字 | +--------+ | 汉字 | +--------+ 1 row in set (0.01 sec)