After a long fight with building up a new iso with this version of Anaconda, I was able to boot up and select an ISO file on an NFS share as a source to install. Thank you.

BZ#1691832 NFSISO test failed on f30 (20190320)

I am having the same issue. The package prevents my test framework from installing the system and tests cannot run.

Wow, this update made my day. Thank you very much.


I have tested this with the reproducer from the bug and it has worked well. I confirm it works.

BZ#1642796 PackageKit terminated before end of offline update: TransactionItem state is not set (when any multiarch package is installed)

I have installed this update and I do not see any problems so far.

BZ#1639482 journalctl reports a totally useless ' The start-up result is RESULT.' and "Failed with result 'exit-code'.
Test Case Services start

The update works for me, however, this does not solve the bug #1640701. The button changed to Download, which makes sense, but then I still see no progress or activity and I do not know whether packages are being downloaded or gnome-software got stalled. @frantisekz told me he would see the progress bar under the Cancel button in adwaita dark theme. I did not see anything in standard gnome theme. This should be fixed to work for everyone.

BZ#1640701 GNOME Software "update and restart" button appears to do nothing

I have installed it and tried to fiddle around a Wayland session for an hour or so and have not experienced any problems.

BZ#1642058 Backport mutter Wayland text-input crash fix

This version of DBUS does NOT work in the fresh installtion of Fedora 29 nightly build from 2018-10-21.

BZ#1641456 D-Bus activation broken, dbus-daemon-launch-helper has wrong permissions

This version solves the bug and works as expected.

BZ#1632518 PackageKit installs packages from default module streams, but does not enable the module stream

Works for me, no problems experienced.

BZ#1637957 Closing GNOME Software outside of the main page causes it to glitch

This update sets back Evince as a desktop pdf viewing app.

BZ#1640488 evince has moved from evince.desktop to org.gnome.Evince.desktop

This seems fine. Thank you.

BZ#1640626 Google Chrome repository silently disabled when upgrading to F29

This seems fine. Thank you.

BZ#1640626 Google Chrome repository silently disabled when upgrading to F29

This package works without issues and provides a set of kickstarts

BZ#1640352 Final (hopefully) version of spin-kickstarts for f29
BZ#1638605 Nautilus crashes every time you search in the overview

Thank you, Kalev. This new update works for me.

BZ#1638126 Update appstream-data after final freeze

No problems experienced with this version of Plymouth.

BZ#1637703 Upgrade to plymouth 0.9.3-14.fc29

Yes, I can confirm that this update has solved the issue with the previous version.

BZ#1637496 "%systemd_post rtkit-daemon.service" found in postinstall script

This update solves the login problem, but it lets the gnome-initial-setup process run twice, which confirms what Adam has experienced, too. I will file a new bug for that behaviour.

BZ#1624534 Transition from g-i-s to desktop fails in current Rawhide and F29

Python works as expected, but I could not test the bug on my system, since I had both packages installed already.