Thank you! dracut-055-2.fc34 makes my system bootable again without any manual workarounds :-)

BZ#1964879 Boot fails, or slow and partly broken, with dracut 054+ and bluetooth keyboard (possibly other scenarios also)

Thank you. this solves audio on my Thinkpad T14s AMD

BZ#1970434 Thinkpad T14s AMD have no audio after update to alsa-1.2.5

This update leads to a broken initramfs

Workaround for me is to: echo "omit_dracutmodules+=bluetooth" | sudo tee /etc/dracut.conf.d/omit_bt.conf

(cc @cserpentis )

@cserpentis Ok, thank you. I see you have way more experience and more knowledgeable than me using bodhi :-)

I'll wait for your bug report. Ping me when you do if you need me to also provide some logs

@cserpentis did you open a bug on buzilla? I've searched and found nothing. If you didn't I can open one so that we don't open duplicates.

I don't know if it related with BTRFS, although all the machines I've tested do indeed have BTRFS

@harald ping

Both this and dracut-054-6 makes my system boot hang for a few minutes plus when I login into my session is broken (no networkmanager) with a log of systemd errors on startup

Downgrading to dracut-053 and running dracut -f -v fixes the issue. Once upgraded and ran dracut -f -v the problem comes back.


Tired of waiting, I've installed on F28. Works perfectly.

BZ#1631199 keepass-2.40 is available

works for me

Everything ok