@alciregi You will need to install f29-backgrounds-animated using the command sudo dnf install f29-backgrounds-animated. Afterwards, you will see the default f29 wallpaper with the clock icon.

@sobek No problem. I will fix YafaRay's changelog in the future.

@sokek and @muench Disregarding my other comments, I replaced the broken version of YafaRay so it should properly depend on Blender 2.79b and I set the severity as bug fix. Please test and give karma, Thanks.

Hello @muench, I will obsolete this test as I rebuild YafaRay to properly depend on the version of Blender and then drop the security update status.

@sobek Make sure to also download blender-fonts when you do a local update.

@ozeszty Please try the new update adding the missing files.

The update seems removing the apparent freezing from AMD A10 7400P after resuming from suspension.

I will suggest to update to 4.14.4 which fixes a bug related to ECDT device non deteced by the Test Case kernel regression. See under the title ACPI / EC: Fix regression related to PM ops support in ECDT device.


Works on Gnome on X. It occassionally crash on Wayland session.

BZ#1151172 SparkleShare 1.5.0 is available
BZ#1375789 sparkleshare must not depend on webkitgtk

CSD finally integrates well with the default window behaviour. When using Tweak to add maximize button, Firefox needs manual restart as a quirk so that part needs improvement. All legacy addons not adhering to web extension standard are disabled by default as intended. The built-in media interface works but without icons to display information and the layout should be located at the bottom.

BZ#1500234 [CSD] Let's include CSD patch from mozbz#1399611 at Firefox 57
Test Case firefox addons
Test Case firefox media
Test Case firefox browse

Works as intented.

BZ#1497797 Review Request: gst-devtools - Development and debugging tools for GStreamer
BZ#1494066 pitivi-0.99 is available


This update has been unpushed.

This update has been unpushed.

This update has been unpushed.

This update has been unpushed.

This update has been unpushed.


This update restore the functionality of LuxRender

BZ#1412089 Unneeded indirect dependency on Qt5

Pushing this update to restore the default static wallpaper. Animated version will be fixed on the next update and bug report already opened: