Hm, running 5.5.3 here on T490s and seems okay...


Nice +1

Yeah, did the same yesterday, and all good so far.

Was this addressed in 5.4 already?

Bug: still present.

kernel: i915 0000:00:02.0: GPU recovery timed out, cancelling all in-flight rendering. CPU: i7-8650U

@atim seems quite stuck now for couple of days, with 5.4.15 also pending. Can someone give it a push? :)


Any reason this one is stuck being promoted to stable for more two days now?


We could probably re-base to v5.4.14 now?

BZ#1793222 Firefox 72.0.2 available
BZ#1793956 Firefox 72.0.2 has been released

Is this one going to make to to stable releases as well?

Loogs good on X260

Seems okay and tested on x260

LGTM on x260